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The art of tube fishing - October 2012

  • When I have read articles by other authors about surgical tube lure fishing, they are often promoting a specific manufacturer’s ‘wonder lure’ or professing that using one bait on the hook is better than another. I will make a few recommendations along these lines but will concentrate more on why the tubes work and how to use tube lure. (more)

Live pogy fishing - August 2012

  • Pogy fishing was not on my original article list and I really do not enjoy all aspects of Pogy fishing, unlike most other methods. However, a fisherman must be a pragmatist and one must stick and move likes a boxer in order to ensure consistent success. Much like the 2006 season, the Pogies showed up thick in mid June. When this happens, the fishery changes and one must adapt quickly. For the most part, the night bite, trolling Danny and Gibbs plugs, was non-existent for the second half of June. The fish moved to a day bite and the pogies were the ticket. The bottom line if that live pogies can be like taking a machine gun to a fist fight. Live bait gives you a huge advantage when fishing is slow. (more)

Casting and drifting eels - July 2012

  • As with all of the articles I have written, my goal is to help teach some skills, to the average boater/fisherman, to help achieve some success in a safe manner.  I have covered basic fish biology and fish movement as well as wire line trolling and jigging techniques. This month’s topic is timely as eel fishing starts to really take hold in July as the fish periodically move off the reefs and spend time feeding in rocky areas of Buzzards Bay, the Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands.  Casting eels into the beach is the way I ‘pull a rabbit out of my hat’ during tough summer trips where trolling just doesn’t produce. (more)

Jigging and trolling plugs - June 2012

  • Last month we covered some of the basics of fish biology and why fish have daily movements based on light conditions and some other factors. This month I will cover the basics of trolling plugs and jigging. I decided to cover both topics in one article because they basically go together like peanut butter and jelly; which is a basic staple while fishing and often 3 days worth of meals on the long canyon trips. (more)

Strategic fishing by understanding basic fish biology - May 2012

  • Although I consider myself the eternal optimist, especially when it comes to fishing, I learned a long time ago that there is almost no luck in fishing; especially Striper and Tuna fishing. With almost 40 years experience fishing, 27 years as a licensed Captain, and growing up around my Dad, Captain Bob MacGregor of the HOP-TUIT, and the many great Cuttyhunk Guides, I learned that timing is everything and you must use the proper timing to your advantage. If you understand proper timing, all you need is the availability of fish and decent weather conditions. (more)

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