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Health & Safety

Sport Fishing can be a vigorous activity. Like all athletic and physical activities, a moderate level of health and fitness is necessary. Please inform the Captain prior to the trip if any persons in your fishing party have any serious health issues. Fishing trips can be tailored to people with health issues or disabilities with prior notice. Otherwise, the trip will be a 'Full-On' attempt to help you catch your Trophy Fish! 

While Fishing is always fun, it is also a serious pursuit. You could miss the fish of a lifetime. The following Rules are in place to ensure that your fishing trip is safe and pleasurable:

  • ZERO Tolerance for illegal drugs. Anyone possessing or intending to use illegal drugs on the MAC-ATAC will be returned to port immediately and will be subject to immediate arrest. (No Exceptions). Recreational Marijuana or Marijuana provided by way of a Medical Card is NEVER allowed on the MAC-ATAC. Although the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has approved this, the MAC-ATAC, and ALL Charter Vessels, function under the authority of the United States Coast Guard. Federal Law does not allow for the possession or use of Marijuana on board any vessels.

  • NO FIREARMS will be allowed on board, unless in the possession of a Law Enforcement Officer.

  • NO HARD ALCOHOL. A small amount of Beer or Wine are OK although they must only be used in moderation. If a customer shows up at the dock intoxicated, that person will not be allowed to go on the charter -- period... no exceptions.

All customers are responsible for the property of MAC-ATAC Sportfishing.

If catching fish: especially Striped Bass, Bluefish and offshore species is what you want,
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